Virtual Machine Management

Using Virtual Machines for your servers is the right choice when you want to save time and costs in maintenance and support.

Cloud-Bricks provides the technology and an excellent technical support team to help you managing your servers, allowing any organization to have a private cloud infrastructure quickly and safely.

Cloud-Bricks offers an excellent virtualization platform and a wide range of operating systems. You can install a production system in just a few minutes.

Virtualization Technology

Cloud-Bricks uses the KVM system with support for Hardware Assisted Virtualization, offering high performance on our virtual environments.

We also offer our "SSD Accelerated Storage System" which uses Solid State Drives to speed up i/o access to the cloud storage. This system will enable high speed disk i/o (with unlimited IOPs) to several Tera Bytes of storage at low cost.

Cloud-Bricks Web Management Interface

The Cloud-Bricks Web system makes easy to manage and create virtual machines.

To start using it, just click on the Virtual machines option on the left menu.

  1. New virtual machine.... Starts the process of creating a new virtual machine.
  2. Turn On. Power on the operating system for all selected virtual machines.
  3. Turn Off. Turn off the selected virtual machines.
  4. Delete. By selecting one or more virtual machines you can delete them. This procedure is irreversible and will remove all data from the virtual machine.
  5. Virtual machine check-boxes. Use them to select one or more virtual machines.
  6. Virtual machine status. Shows if the VM is currently on or off.
  7. Information about the resources assigned to each VM.
  8. VNC Remote Access. Allows graphic access to the VM console.

Virtual Machine Management

Cloud-Bricks offers the following management tools for virtual servers:

Remote access via VNC

VNC is a remote connection protocol that allows to display the screen of a virtual server and control it remotely through the browser. There is no need to install any application or plugin , only a modern browser with HTML 5 support is required. To remote access a virtual machine , click on the VNC button (see item 8 in the previous graphic). To view the screens of multiple virtual machines simultaneously press the Ctrl key while you click on the corresponding VNC icon, so each screen is opened in a separate tab.

You can use the "Windows" and "Ctrl + Alt + Del" buttons to send those keystrokes to the VM operating system.

Virtual Machine Statistics

All virtual machines are automatically added to our statistics system, so you can monitor VM resource usage, like CPU, disk, memory and network.

To access the monitoring system, go to your virtual machine screen, and click on the Statistics icon.

CACTI screen is displayed.

For more information check our Monitoring documentation.