Migrating a Virtual Machine

All virtual machines are hosted on a physical server (Cloud-Brick node) which acts as a container. Such server is responsible for providing  physical resources to its virtual machines.

You can display the virtual machines hosted on each physical host by using the top "Server" menu.
(This menu is only available if you have acquired at least two Cloud-Brick nodes)

The migration process involves moving a virtual machine from one node to another. This functionality is useful if you are running out of resources in one node, or if you want to separate different customers or sets of vms in independent physical hosts.

Migrating a Virtual Machine

Choose a VM to migrate, enter into the "Virtual Machine Configuration" screen, and click on the  Migration icon.

Choose the destination node, and click on the Migrate button.

In the question "Are you sure you want to migrate this virtual machine?" click on OK. The migration process starts.

The process is very fast, it just take about one minute.

Status during migration

Migration is only supported while the virtual machine is off. However downtime is very small because the process just takes about one minute to complete; after that you may turn on your vm in the new node.

Access the virtual machine in the new Node

When a virtual machine has been migrated to a new node, it will no longer appear in the list of virtual machines on the original node. To access the migrated virtual machine, it is necessary to access the destination node in the top "Server" menu.

Click on the menu and select a different node.

Now the virtual machine can be managed from the destination node.

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