Introduction to the Cloud Web system
Cloud-Bricks provides a Web management system that lets you configure multiple sites distributed through your network of virtual machines.


Some of the features for the Web system are::
  • Managing HTTP Servers: Virtual machines running as a Web Server.
  • Round Robin Load Balancing: Distribution of HTTP requests across multiple web servers.
  • Managing Digital Certificates: CSRs Generation, generation of self-signed certificates and load external certificates from external entities.
  • SSL encryption: The Cloud is in charge of cryptography for your website performing it in the physical hardware of the system, avoiding the overhead of running this task on virtual machines.
  • Reverse HTTP Proxy: Through the same public IP address (IPv4 + IPv6) manage all yours web sites without having to acquire new IP addresses for each Web Site.
  • HTTP Cache: Temporary storage of pages and resources saving resources in virtual machines.


To setup a website, two main elements are needed:

  • Create an HTTP Server: It is an element where the IP address and HTTP port, of a virtual machine to expose your Web service is configured. Allows using multiple IPs do load balancing between different servers.
  • Create a Virtualhost is a component that allows restricting access, management domains and cache for each web portal.

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