Editing virtual machines

You can alter the resources allocated to a virtual machine at any time. In order to edit an existing virtual machine, you first need to turn it off. You can modify the allocation of resources such as memory, CPU, disk *, and IP addresses.

* Cloud-Bricks currently only supports increasing the size of a disk, but not to decrease it.

Editing a virtual machine

When the virtual machine is turned off, go to Virtual Machines on the left menu, select the virtual machine to edit and click the Edit virtual machine configuration button.

Now edit the resources that you want.

You can edit the following settings:

  1. Name of the virtual machine.
  2. CPU: Increase or decrease the number of virtual processors (vCPUs)
  3. RAM: Increase or decrease the physical memory of the machine.
  4. DNS: Change the DNS host assigned to your vm.
  5. Add new disks.
  6. Increase size of existing disks. 
  7. It is currently not possible to decrease the size of a disk. Therefore we recommend creating your hard drives with the smallest possible size as this will facilitate the management of your virtual machines.
  8. Delete existing disk
  9. If you delete a disk, all data within it will be deleted.
    This operation is irreversible.
  10. Add IP addresses.
  11. For each address separate network card inside the virtual machine is created.
  12. Modify network speed of an existing card.
  13. Delete an IP address and its corresponding network card.

Click on the Save Changes button.

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