VPN types
The CLOUD-BRICKS Network provides VPN connections with encrypted channels for remote access.
Two types of VPN connections are currently supported:

L2TP/IPSEC (Remote Management VPN)

These connections can be configured navigating to "Networking>VPN Users" on the left menu.

  • It is used to connect an external computer to a specific VLAN.
  • It is useful to set up an encrypted remote access connection in order to manage servers within a VLAN from a desktop or laptop computer.
  • The idea is to create a safe temporary access for an administrative session.
  • You can connect from any IP.  Specially useful for mobile users (RoadWarriors).
  • Authentication is made via X.509 digital certificates.

For more information see:

IPSEC remote network (site to site VPN)

  • The goal of this type of VPN is to connect permanently the private network of a customer with a particular VLAN withing your private Cloud.
  • These connections can be configured by navigating to "Netwotking> VPN Networks" on the left menu.

  • It is used to connect an external private network with a VLAN within the Cloud using an IPSEC tunnel.
  • You will need a router with IPSEC support on the customer's network.
  • This type of VPN will allow client computers located in the customer network to transparently access servers located in the remote VLAN.
  • Network access will be allowed only to a Fixed IP address on the customer side.
  • Authentication is performed using an IPSEC "Pre-Shared Key".
  • When an external network is connected to a VLAN by the IPSEC system, the public IP address of the remote network can not be used for any other VPN connection.

For more information see: VPN site to Site

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