VPN users
This tool allows the connection of an external computer to a specific VLAN in order to manage the virtual machines that belong to it.

Create a VPN user

To create a VPN user, navigate to: "Networking>VPN Users" section of the menu on the left.

Now click on the "New VPN User..." button.

  1. User name (login) you want to create.
  2. Password.
    You can use any password, but for security reasons it is recommended to use the auto-generated password.
  3. Choose the VLAN the user will connect to.
  4. The "OK" button will temporary save your changes into memory.
  5. The "Cancel" button, cancel all unsaved changes.

Do not forget to click on the "Commit changes" button in order to generate the VPN configuration.

  • The highlighted blue icon provides a window to download the appropriate digital certificates for user authentication.

Configure your operating system

See the following manuals to learn how to connect to the VPN service from different operating systems:

Video Tutorial


  • A maximum of 15 VPN users per VLAN can be configured.
  • From the client side, only one simultaneous VPN connection is supported for each public ip address, even if the client is behind NAT.

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