Windows Server 2012 R2 Core

Operating System Description

Windows Server Core is designed system to consume fewer system resources compared to the full version of Windows Server. It is quick and easy to install, but has limited management features.
It is a commercial operating system that requires the purchase of a license for its use.

Difference between Windows Core and Windows GUI

Windows Core is a minimalist system. It is binary compatible with Windows Server but has no graphical environment. Management requires the execution of text commands from the console. In the other hand, Windows GUI allows graphical management through windows and a desktop environtment. A Windows Core system is recommended for environments that require few resources and little user interaction, for instance file servers, AD, DNS, DHCP, Hyper-V, etc.

Create virtual machine for Windows Core

To install Windows Core, you must install a new virtual machine, please go to the section Creating a virtual machine and follow the procedure.
It is important that the Windows virtual machine has at least 20GiB storage in the main disk and at least 4GB of RAM.

Install Windows Core

Once you have created the virtual machine, the "Install Operating System" window appears, choose the option
Stand alone Operating System>Windows 2012 R2 CORE.

  • Click on the Install button. The installation process begins.

  • The installation process usually takes less than one minute.
  • After the operating system image has been transferred to your virtual machine, it will spend some time to start for the first time and it will restart once.
  • When the process completes you must assign the Windows Administrator password.

  • The system is ready for use.

Windows Licenses

The Windows virtual machine is installed, now you should open a support ticket to acquire a license to activate Windows.

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